Solange is Swiss Peruvian, born in Switzerland. She crossed the Atlantic to
Peru as a 3 month old baby, where she lived for seven years until the family
returned to the Swiss Jura where she was brought up. A move to Swinging
London in 1966 followed 9 months studying and working in Munich. After one
year au pairing in Hampstead, she got involved in the Underground art scene
and worked at the notorious Arts Lab in Drury Lane for a year.

Solange trained in several jewellery workshops but is largely self taught.
She has been making jewellery since 1975. Together with her partner, the
late Martin Doyle (1948-1997), she founded and ran the Nucleus Gallery in
Glastonbury 1979-1982, selling the work of established West-country Jewellers as well as her own.

In 1983 Solange and Martin launched their first collection of fashion
jewellery, becoming regular exhibitors at the British Designer show. Their
work sold through Harrods, Liberty, Harvey Nichols and many boutiques. Their
collections were exported to America, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

In 1984 Solange and Martin were among the founding members of Makers
Cooperative, a contemporary craft gallery in Taunton. As one of the best
known galleries in the region, it attracted loyal patrons and many cherished
friends. Sadly, it closed in 2011, after 26 years of successful trading. The
lease had come to an end and most of the original Makers wanted to find new
challenges for their third age. Makers is now a commercial gallery called
Harlequin Gallery.

Solange works in gold and silver with precious and semi precious stones. Her
pieces are bold and geometric, using traditional techniques in contemporary
designs. Each piece evolves around the stones she is using, finding
inspiration in working structurally, creating forms out of geometrical
shapes and exploring surface textures.

Solange likes to source her stones during her travels which have taken her
to Peru, India, Nepal, Morocco and other exotic places. She finds the
dealers and then has the stones cut to her specifications. More stones are
bought at jewellery trade fairs. The architecture of the places she visits
are also a great source of inspiration.

Solange's work has been exhibited widely in England and through the Chelsea
Craft Fair, Art in Action, and The Contemporary Craft Fair, Bovey Tracey.
She is a member of The Devon Guild and Somerset Guild of Craftsmen.
She welcomes commissions, especially for wedding rings and anniversaries.



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