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About Solange

Inspired by architecture and sculpture, Solange works using gold and silver, precious and semi-precious stones to make bold, abstract and minimalist jewellery. She uses traditional techniques to create contemporary designs. Her work often evolves in a structural approach, creating forms out of geometrical shapes; she is intrigued by the interplay of juxtaposing lines.

Solange has a great love of stones, fascinated by their colours, inclusions, their meaning and symbolism, specifically how their properties have been used throughout history and in religious rituals. She sources many of her stones personally during her travels abroad, working directly with stone cutters to get her unique shapes. She is largely self-taught but trained in several jewellery workshops since 1975 when she started her career as a jeweller.

After a move to Somerset in 1971, Solange married and had a daughter called Ra. She founded and ran the Nucleus Gallery in Glastonbury between 1979 and 1982 together with her partner, the late Martin Doyle. Their first collection of fashion jewellery was launched in 1983 and they became regular exhibitors at the British Designer Show, selling their work to Harrods, Liberty, Harvey Nichols and various designer shops. Their collections were exported to America, Japan and Saudi Arabia. In 1984 Solange and Martin were among the founder-members of Makers, a hugely successful craft co-operative in Taunton, Somerset, that showcased the work of the West Country's top craft makers for the next 26 years.

Solange's jewellery has been widely exhibited in England, and through the Chelsea Craft Fair, Art in Action, Contemporary Craft Fair Bovey Tracey, and other shows. She is a member of The Devon Guild and Somerset Guild of Craftsmen. She welcomes commissions, enjoying the process of working closely with clients to create something personal, especially for momentous occasions such as Weddings and anniversaries. "Thank you Solange for making our beautiful wedding rings. They played such an important part in our very special day and we will treasure them for ever. Thank you! Laura and Sancho".

Solange is Swiss Peruvian; born in Switzerland, she crossed the Atlantic to Peru as a 3-month-old child with her family. They lived in Peru for seven years before returning to the Swiss Jura where she was brought up. Later she moved to Munich to work and study, then to London where she became deeply involved in the creative counter-culture and worked at the notorious Arts Lab in Drury Lane for a year.

Recent News: In early 2018, Solange spent one month in Peru visiting family and exploring the North of the country, including the ruins of Chan-Chan, the largest city of pre-Columbian America. While in Lima, she sourced stone dealers and cutters who were able to produce shapes to her specification. It is "so wonderful to come back with materials you have sourced from a place so close to your heart!"

Solange's work can be seen at (click to visit their site, opens in new window):

Somerset Guild of Craftsmen.23a Broad Street, WELLS BA5 2D3.

Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Riverside Mill, BOVEY TRACEY, Devon, TQ13 9AF

ACE Arts, Market Place, Somerton, Somerset, TA117NB



Solange can be contacted on
Tel: 01458 850713
Mob: (44) 07384 699985
Email: info@solangejewellery.co.uk

Instagram: solangejewellery

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